Rhythm has come a long way since the idea to start a people-enriching focussed charity back in 2014.

Since then, we have researched and built an incredible team of staff and volunteers who truly believe that every story matters and has significance.

Through our 4 pillars of championing others, bringing relief, empowering lives, and developing pathways, we have already seen recovery from anxiety, isolation and depression, as people walk with a renewed sense of belonging, hope, and dignity.

Confidence is fostered that people can be part of a solution to making their world a better place.

We know that our chapter in many ways is only just beginning (just like this incredible community we call AURA). Together we can help make this a liveable city, with a holistic approach of seeing people transformed to fulfilling their purpose; relationally, emotionally & spiritually.
Rhythm Espresso is our latest venture which opened in May 2021. As a social enterprise café, we provide a space for people who are in need of another chance. Through providing an empowering environment to gain skills and build confidence, our team are experiencing a fresh opportunity to have hope in themselves restored.

Every person matters. This is the ethos of who we are and through this intentional belief in people, we look forward to writing more chapters in our Rhythm story on the Sunshine Coast.

Enriching people through building community, providing care and great coffee

Championing Others

Regardless of belief, background or ethnicity, everyone deserves a chance to live their best life, because their story matters. People have significance and when they are given an opportunity to shine, we like to believe that they will shine bright in every area of their life. Everything we do at Rhythm is about helping others to become a better version of themselves.

Bringing Relief

Through our immediate frozen meal program, local residents are able to access dinners for their households. More areas of support include basic clothing, sanitary items and blankets. Other aspects of relief include partnerships with chaplains, family assistance agencies and family services.

Empowering Lives

Through providing a positive and inclusive environment that builds confidence and reduces social anxiety, Rhythm Initiative enables people to rediscover their potential and purpose. Our experience suggests that when hope has been restored, people will generally be fulfilled with a sense of dignity and worth.

Developing Pathways

Rhythm Initiative provides pathways for individuals & families through short courses such as budgeting, relationship mentoring and competency-based training in administration, hospitality and retail. Future plans include developing an entrepreneurship & mentoring program with school leavers by partnering with small businesses on the Sunshine Coast