At Rhythm Church,

Your Story Matters

 What you can expect each service:

Presently at Rhythm Church, we are adopting the House Church experience.

So you’ll be welcomed into a friendly and casual environment by people who are excited to see you. We want you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive at Rhythm Church.

All you have to do from here is come as you are and find out more for yourself!

  • You can expect us to start on time, and you can expect a service to last about 80mins.
  • You can expect your children to have fun.
  • You can expect a talk that is uplifting and Bible-centred, Jesus will get mentioned and we don’t get weird when it comes to the expression of the Holy Spirit.
  • You can expect to not get judged for who you are or what you do, you can expect to get grace.
  • You can expect that sometimes we change things up because we place value on continual improvement and because we are open to change.
  • You can expect our house to be clean, safe and follow all current COVID19 requirements.
  • You can expect our little mascot Peppa to give you a friendly welcome (She is an older Schmoodle puppy).

House Church with a difference:

Whether you have grown up in a church environment, or perhaps you have never stepped inside a church atmosphere it can be pretty daunting. It is new, you may not know anybody, we get it.

But don’t worry, we do what we can to make your visit as relaxed as possible. We try to answer questions before you need to ask. There are lots of signs to answer any questions like where to go and where the kids areas are and toilets.

We invite the children to join us as we celebrate Christ in worship.

We like to have a time of Communion most weeks. We like to place an emphasis on the finished work of Jesus Christ during this time, and we encourage all people to partake in the promises of communion.

Each week, we offer refreshments as well as Barista made coffees with help support the disadvantaged in our community courtesy of the Grounds for Good Mobile Coffee Van.

We have considered the family:

We require all children to be registered by a parent/ guardian and picked up following the church. Each of our amazing volunteers have been vetted and all have current blue cards and have completed the ACC SAFER CHURCHES induction.

We have some small housekeeping such as what’s coming up and as well to receive a non compulsory opportunity to give an offering for the work of Rhythm Church (We do encourage people to give online here). 

If you need transport to get to church, we are happy to arrange someone to come pick you up or bring a friend.

We find that works well too. 


Plan a visit: