Started August 2019


Located in Caloundra


Moving to Aura Jan 2021

It doesn’t take much to see that life operates in a number of rhythms. The seasons of the year, the tides of the ocean, the heartbeat of our bodies.  Rhythm Church is a church that exists to offer a reset and to discover the divine rhythm for your life, as God originally intended. 


Why Another Church?

Fair question. There are already some great churches with a variety of expressions on the Sunshine Coast, and with more than 300,000 residents it is estimated that only 24,000 (8%) would attend church at least once a month. As such, we believe there is still enough room for another church to express God’s unconditional love in a way that is both relevant and fresh to the community.

While our story may only just begining on the Sunshine Coast, we truly that God is doing something very special. We are reaching people from all walks of life. Through partnerships with local community groups, we feed the homeless, we provide support for the disadvantaged including people on the spectrum and much much more. 

Opening soon: a brand new social enterprise espresso bar under our new community umbrella of Rhythm Initiative.
Keep an eye out for our new Rhythm Espresso BAR coming soon in the Aura Business Park (opening January 2021)

What is important to Rhythm Church?

  • Jesus… a personal relationship with Jesus kickstarts the rhythm in our hearts
  • People… We see all ages trusting God, making wise choices and developing healthy relationships. All generations matter!
  • Relentless Grace… Responding with relentless grace and love with Jesus as our example
  • Unending Hope… Jesus is the hope for humanity.
  • Family… because in a healthy family, diversity is a reality and everyone belongs! 
  • Celebration… because Jesus & people are worth celebrating in every season, and joy is the currency of heaven. 
  • Authentic Community… because a healthy community makes way for every generation to flourish. Starting with the children, youth & young adults… A place to belong, grow and be seen.
  • Contagious Generosity… because generous people ‘show up’ practically, financially and spiritually to help, empower & bring solution & change to our local, national and global communities.
  • Divine Destiny… because everyone has something significant and unique to contribute. And it’s way more fun, doing life and building church together. 
  • Discipleship… because we are all on a journey to know Christ & make Him known.
  • Audacious Faith… because as we step out in faith, led by the Holy Spirit, people will be saved, healed, restored, made whole, encouraged and inspired with direction to be everything God has designed them to be.
  • Prayer… because God is always listening and prayer changes things.
ACC Church Sunshine Coast

ACC Church Affiliated

A part of a movement of more than 1000 pentecostal churches around Australia, Rhythm Church aligns to the beliefs of Australian Christian Churches.

The Mission of Rhythm Church 

Rhythm Church is a modern community-engaged church that is intentional in seeing people become centrally devoted followers of Jesus Christ and see people encounter their God-intended Rhythm. 

Let’s do this together, all for His glory!